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How to Get Your Eperteduc Certification


Select the ExpertEduc certification you wish to attempt.


Prepare for the certification exam.


Schedule an appointment to take your exam.


After passing the exam, you are ExpertEduc certified!

Registration Options

Choose to prepare for your certification exam with affiliated training, or attempt the certification without training.

Affiliate Training

Prepare for your experteduc certification with affiliate training designed to fit your prefered learning style.
Get the help of an accredited Training and Testing Centre

The candidate can choose the nearest ExpertEduc test center and visit it to receive help, whether by attending a class training program, taking the assessment at their facility, or both.

Take the online invigilated exams at home

ExpertEduc’s examination process is set to the highest standards, allowing the candidate to easily register and receive their Study Guide (e-book) in their selected language.

Once the candidate feels ready, they can schedule the exam according to their availability.

Then, ExpertEduc will provide the candidate with a token allowing them to access the exam at the scheduled date and time.