•             1.What is an ExpertEduc Certification?

ExpertEduc is an online certifications service owned by Global Elite Conseil. The programs can be purchased online and taken from any location. ExpertEduc certifications are widely used by job/contract aspirants and recruitment agencies as well as corporate houses for evaluating professional skills. ExpertEduc certifications help individuals get hired faster since their résumé has the added credibility and recognition that comes with being certified

•             2.What are the benefits of taking an ExpertEduc certification?

ExpertEduc certifications can greatly boost your employment and career prospects as they are widely acknowledged as a quality means of assessing an individual’s knowledge in a particular skill area. These certifications are prepared under high standards by thorough professionals with several years of experience in their technical domains. The questions are put through several rounds of analysis by our expert teams to help build well-balanced, comprehensive and meaningful tests. This is one of the reasons that ExpertEduc certified professionals are doing far better than their counterparts who have not or could not achieve certification.

•             3.Who should take an ExpertEduc certification?

If you would like to give your résumé and career prospects a cutting edge in the competitive job market, an ExpertEduc certification is just the thing for you. An ExpertEduc certification will benefit you in the following ways:

o             You need to give your résumé that most wanted punch, which can help land you a dream job.

o             You would like to know where you stand relative to others in your field.

o             You would like to gauge your actual level of knowledge through an independent and authentic assessment system.

o             You want to show the world that your skill level is at par with the best.

o             You would like to have your knowledge certified in a skill for which there is no other certification system available.

o             You would like to approach job interviews with added confidence by presenting your hard copy ExpertEduc certificate of accomplishment to your prospective employer.

•             4.What is an ExpertEduc test?

ExpertEduc Certifications can be earned by taking the skill specific ExpertEduc online test. The tests have a timed, multiple-choice format and can be taken from any computer with an Internet connection.

•             5.How do I take a test?

Taking an ExpertEduc test is quick and simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick the test you would like to appear for by choosing a test from the exam list page.
  1. After reading the syllabus, follow the purchase process and fill the registration form.
  1. If the test is free, you will be booked up for it immediately; otherwise, you will be required to pay the test fee using your credit card, mobile money or through PayPal. If you have an ExpertEduc test pin, you will be allowed to take the test for free.
  1. The test will take approximately 40 to 120 minutes to complete.
  1. Your result will be displayed immediately and you will be able to view your online score sheet.

•             6.What do I get after taking a test?

In case you buy a certificate after taking a paid or a free test, you will be sent a high quality, mountable hard copy certificate within 6-8 weeks of successfully completing the test. You will also get logo-usage rights (for your resume, letter heads and visiting cards), a free online transcript (for limited time) and the ability to download your digital certificate and even send your result to an employer through the result-forwarding system.

If you take a free test without paying for the paper certificate, you only get the logo-usage rights and do not get a free online transcript, digital certificate and ability to send the results to an employer or the paper certificate.

•             7.What do I do if I get disconnected from the Internet while taking a test?

The procedure for re-starting from where you left off is very simple. Log in to your members area and you will find the test name displayed in your test list with the status mentioned as ‘Incomplete’. Click on the ‘Resume test’ link to continue from where you left off. If you experience any issue, contact us at certification@experteduc.org

Tests left incomplete for more than 1 month are automatically invalidated.

•             8.What kind of format do the tests follow?

The general format of the tests is given below:

o             Nature of Tests: Multiple-choice questions with one or more correct answers

o             Duration: 40 to 120 minutes

o             Number of questions: 60 to 100

o             Negative marking: No negative marking for wrong answers

o             Question weightage: All questions carry equal marks

o             Navigation: You can go back and answer unanswered questions

o             Answer review: You can review the questions at the end of the test by going back and altering your answers

o             Pictures: Some tests may require you to answer a question based upon a graphic image

Some tests may follow a completely different format from this. Make sure you read the test details carefully by clicking on the test name from the list of tests.

•             9.What is the syllabus of each test?

You can view the topics covered in the test by clicking on the test name from the list of tests. You will be guided to the test details page which contains the syllabus.

•             10.What rules must be followed while appearing for a test?

The tests are all closed-book tests. No study material should be used while taking a test, neither should you take the help of a friend.

•             11.Can I see the answers to the questions after completing my test?

The answers to the questions are not displayed. This has been done in order to maintain the secrecy of our questions bank.

•             12.What are the passing marks for each test?

In general, you require 65% marks to clear a certification test; however, some tests have a different passing criteria, so make sure you read the test details carefully by clicking on the test name from the list of tests.

•             13.What is an Expert Level certification?

If you are able to score 80% or more in your test, you would have qualified with Expert Level. Your hard copy certificate will have the words ‘Expert Level’ printed as proof of the fact that you have scored distinction marks.

•             14.How can I purchase an ExpertEduc test?

ExpertEduc tests can be purchased online on the ExpertEduc website using any common credit card through PayPal. To buy a test online, you must choose a test from the test list page, after which, you will be guided through the steps to pay for it.

•             15.How much does a test cost?

The fee for each test differs from one to another. You can check the fee of each test by visiting the test list page.

•             16.What are the various payment options available while purchasing from ExpertEduc?

We accept payments through the following methods:

  1. a) Credit card payments
  2. b) PayPal payments
  3. c) Wire payments (for purchases of above $1000)
  4. d) Check payments (for payments of at least $1000)

We do currently accept Western Union, moneygram, worldremit and other international money transfert system. If you choose this option, contact us at sales@experteduc.org

We accept XAF denominated checks and money orders that are at least $1000 in value. To send such Checks and Money Orders, please contact us sales@experteduc.org

•             17.I do not have a credit card; how can I pay?

If you do not have a credit card, you can pay us by any of the following methods:

a)PayPal (by asking a friend to pay for you from his/her PayPal account)

b)By asking a friend to pay for you from his/her credit card

c)Wire payments (for purchases of above $1000)

d)Check payments (for payments of at least $1000). The check should be XAF denominated.

We do currently accept Western Union, moneygram, worldremit and other international money transfert system. If you choose this option, contact us at sales@experteduc.org

•             18.I am from Africa and I do not want to use credit card or PayPal. What other modes of payment are available for African users?

We offer additional payment options to our African users such as mobile money payment. Please contact us.

•             19.What is a CVV code?

It is a 3-digit security code written at the backside of a credit card. This code is used to verify the authenticity of a credit card holder.

•             20.How can I buy more than one test?

Simply choose another test from the test list page, add to cart or repeat the procedure for buying a test.

•             21.What is the test re-take fee?

You can re-appear for any test by paying a test re-take fee within the allowable re-take period. The re-take price is available to you in your member login area mentioned against the tests you have already taken.

•             22.If I am not satisfied, can I get a refund of the test fee?

There is no provision for a refund. However the test may be re-conducted in case of an error due to ExpertEduc. In case of dissatisfaction with the ExpertEduc service, you are advised not to reverse the charge on your credit card as it will lead to a negative report being sent to your credit card company and bank. Please use the contact form for a quick and easy resolution of all problems related to payments or if you feel there has been a deficiency of service.

•             23.Is it safe to use my credit card on the ExpertEduc website?

ExpertEduc uses Paypal as its transaction processor. It is a reliable and reputed credit card transaction processors. Moreover the payment information is transferred over SSL technology that ensures that it cannot be decrypted during transmission. ExpertEduc does not store any credit card information on file.

•             24.What do I do if I get disconnected from the Internet while appearing for a test?

The procedure for restarting from where you left off is very simple. Log in to your member area and you will find the test name displayed in your test list with the status mentioned as ‘Incomplete’. Click on the ‘Resume Test’ link to continue from where you left off or contact us in case of need.

•             25.What are the browser requirements for taking a test?

You can take a test on Internet Explorer 5 or above/Netscape 6 or above. Recent versions of most other browsers are also supported. You must have cookies, JavaScript, pictures and popup windows enabled on your browser.

Some tests such as the typing test have additional requirements like Java support. Make sure you view the exam details page by clicking on the exam name from the exam list page to see any specific requirements.

•             26.Why does my unattempted free test expire after 1 month?

If you have booked yourself up for a free test that you have not completed in 1 month, it will automatically expire. You are free to book up the same or other free test again. The automatic expiry of tests does not apply to paid tests.

•             27.When I try to start the test, it jumps back to the previous screen. What could be wrong?

Most tests will work with the normal computer settings. However, if this problem occurs, you should ensure that popup windows/JavaScript or cookies are enabled on your browser. Some of the tests require popup windows to work, so you must ensure that you turn off any popup blocker. To enable JavaScript on the Windows Internet Explorer browser go to: Tools –>Internet Options –>Click on the Security Tab –>In the security settings enable Active scripting and also enable Scripting of Java Applets if you are taking the typing test.

•             28.What is an ExpertEduc hard copy certificate?

The ExpertEduc hard copy certificate is awarded to all successful test takers who registered for a paid test or those who buy their paper certificate after taking a free test. The certificate is of the highest quality and is suitable for mounting.

The cost of the certificate and surface mailing charges are NOT included in the paid test fee. The hard copy certificate for paid tests can only be obtained by paying the required fee.

In case of free tests, the certificate is not included within the free value. The hard copy certificate for free tests can only be obtained by paying the required fee.

ExpertEduc certified professionals the world over have used the certificate to their advantage by presenting it to prospective employers and recruiters as proof of their skills.

•             29.How long will it take for my certificate to arrive?

The certificate takes 6-8 weeks for delivery depending upon the country you reside in. It is sent through registered air mail.

If you are in a hurry to receive your certificate, you can order it through FedEx by paying the express delivery charges. Contact us for the option to pay the express delivery charges. It usually takes 3-5 days to receive the certificate through FedEx. When you order your certificate through express delivery, you are also issued a soft copy certificate that you can instantly download and print.

•             30.What is an online transcript?

An online transcript is your online marksheet that you can quickly and conveniently show to employers, clients and friends. The hard copy certificate that you receive bears your transcript ID, which can be used to access your online transcript. The online transcript is only available to people who take paid tests or who buy a paper certificate after taking a free test.

•             31.What is the ExpertEduc Certified Professional Logo?

After you pass any of the ExpertEduc tests, you get rights to use the ExpertEduc Certified Professional Logo on your resume, visiting cards, letterheads and website. The logo is widely recognized and can greatly boost your personal profile. You can find the logos for the tests you have passed within your member area or i twill be sent to you by mail. The logo-usage rights are available to all paid and free test takers.

•             32.How to find HTML URLs to post on affiliate sites?

To access the HTML URLs,  Please login to your affiliate admin account

•             33.How can I become an ExpertEduc affiliate?

If you have a web site or are a webmaster for a website, you can join the ExpertEduc Affiliate Program free of cost. You will be provided with attractive banners and real time information related to sales and visitors from your site. To know more about the affiliate program visit the Affiliate Program Information Page.

•             34.What services does ExpertEduc provide to corporates?

ExpertEduc offers pre-employment and in-house employee testing services to companies. The employee testing system offers an affordable, flexible and convenient way of accurately assessing the skills of manpower resources. The complete information related to the ExpertEduc employee testing services is available at the Employee Testing Information Page.

•             35.How can I prove to my employer that I appeared for an ExpertEduc Test?

Simply ask your employer to check by feeding in your name, certification, or transcript number in the certification registry box on the home page. This feature is only available for paid tests or for free tests for which paper certificates have been ordered.

•             36.Can I forward my exam result to my employer?

Yes. Click on the ‘Forward Result to Employer’ link in your member login area. You can then choose which of your results you would like to send.

•             37.Are ExpertEduc certifications approved/endorsed or affiliated with major vendors?

ExpertEduc, owned Global Elite Conseil is an independent testing authority establishing 3rd party skills assessment through a well-structured and scientific approach. ExpertEduc tests are by and large not affiliated with or approved by any of the software vendors. The tests are prepared by Global Elite Conseil under high standards through empaneled professionals with several years of experience in various fields.

38. I forgot my username/password; what should I do?

Click the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page. You will be guided on how to retrieve your username/password.