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When you compare strategies between businesses, you’ll find that no two are exactly alike. Each business is trying to accomplish something another isn’t – ­­however large or small the differences end up being. This fact could lead you to believe that a strategy professional’s talents are unique to each business too, with no transferable skills. But, when you look into the process of how each business decided upon and ultimately committed to a strategy, they often look quite similar.

Why Get Certified?

Assuming you have or desire some stake in your company’s strategy, getting certified provides you with a sureness in your strategic management abilities that you can consistently fall back on in these times of rapid business change.
If you’re a strategy professional who hasn’t gone through CSMP certification, then you likely learned much of what you know on the job. When you learn strategy this way, you tend to understand the parts that solve the initial challenges you faced in the position. But those initial challenges are only one aspect of the whole job. How do you learn that other solutions may be more relevant than the ones you used to solve those initial challenges? You learn by understanding the full scope of methods and solutions at your disposal.

Achieving CSMP certification is a signal to the world that you know what you are doing in the field of strategy. Earning this designation after your name symbolizes that you understand the entire process of strategy management and not just the surface-level solutions.

The certification doesn’t just change how you’re viewed in the professional world; it changes how you view yourself. Holding inner confidence that you know the best practices and methodologies in the field is powerful. Demonstrating that you meet the required competencies to attain the designation is a personal achievement deserving of respect.

In addition to developing your own strategy know-how and confidence, everything you learn from earning CSMP certifications can be applied on the job immediately. When you earn your certification, you learn how strategy fits into the business on a deeper level. Armed with this insight, you can become an indispensable part of your company’s team.

Professional Certificate in Strategic Management

Offering high-quality products and services at competitive prices is no longer a sufficient business strategy. Increased competition and an evolving digital landscape demand more from organizations and their leaders.

Enhance your leadership capabilities and learn how to develop sustainable, successful business strategies with the Professional Certificate in Strategic Management from ExpertEduc. Offering practical lecture knowledge and hands-on application of concepts, this program teaches you how to decrease costs, increase operational efficiencies, and improve customer experiences.

This program is designed for managers and leaders of all industries who want to better identify, amplify, and sustain the competitive advantage of their businesses.

Why study strategic

  • 61% of senior executives admit that their companies have a hard time bridging the gap between strategic planning and implementation.1
  • Only 40% of employees strongly feel their managers comprehend the goals and strategy of their company.2
  • Only 41% of employees feel their companies have the competent personnel necessary to execute strategic initiatives.3


  • Identify business’ competitive advantages
  • Amplify competitive advantages and drive profits
  • Leverage connected strategies to create continuous customer relationships
  • Transcend traditional forms of customer interaction and adopt new business models
  • Achieve sustainable competitive advantage

Set yourself apart from the crowd with proven human resource management capabilities

How to complete the CSMP Exam ?


First, purchase your program with mobile money technologies or any popular credit card like visa, mastercard…through Paypal. But if you prefer any other international or local payment méthod, just email us at certification@experteduc.org and our team will gladly assist you.


You may study independently as all the materials are available online for you to study. Alternatively, our accredited training partners are available to see you through the certification process.


Once your preparation is complete, You will take online the computer-based MCQ exam. The exam is available on demand throughout the year.


There are no formal prerequisites for this certification.

Accès 24 x 7 au cours en ligne CSMP ExpertEduc.

What Is the Exam Format & Length?

  • Format: Multiple choice
  • Questions: 60
  • Language: English/French
  • Pass Score: 65 %
  • Duration: 75 minutes maximum
  • Open book: No
  • Delivery: This examination is available Online
  • Supervised: No, unless at one of our Partner’s discretion

How to get a CSMP Certification?

The easiest and fastest way to get a CSMP certification to enhance your career as a Professional

5 simple steps to get and maintain a CSMP Certification

  • Purchase an All Access Pass Our All Access Pass provides access to the online exam and everything you need to prepare for the exam.
  • Prepare for the CSMP Certification exam You can prepare for the exam via self-study or by attending an in person training course delivered by one of our authorized partners. We have a number of options available to fit every need.
  • Take the exam … and pass it! Access the online exam anywhere and anytime. You are able to retake the exam as many times as you need to pass it. The exam is “close book” which means that you are not allowed to use Google and other resources while taking the exam.
  • Maintain your certification After 3 years, maintain the status of your certification by remaining a member of ExpertEduc and / or by proving that you have continued professional development in the field.

Here’s what the USD 359 includes

  • Access to premium online resources
  • All preparation materials you need to get CSMP certified
  • An online CSMP certification exam
  • A digital premium CSMP online certificate

Course Content

Total learning: 41 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 52 weeks



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