Certified Hotel Housekeeping Professional

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Housekeeping department in hotel ensures the cleanliness, maintenance, and aesthetic appeal of all rooms and public areas. The housekeeping department not only turnarounds (prepares and clean guestrooms) on a timely manner it also cleans and maintains everything in the hotel so that the property is as fresh and attractive similar to the day when it opened the doors for the business.

The effort that the housekeeping makes in giving a guest a desirable room has a direct bearing on the guest’s experience in a hotel. Thre are more employees working in the housekeeping department when compared to any other hotel departments.

This course meets industry demand for competent, efficient, self-reliant, and responsive professionals in a globally competitive hospitality industry. After completion of program, candidates are equipped with skills, values required in the diverse, fast-paced, and rapidly changing hospitality industry.  It prepares trainee/student for employment in Management and supervisory positions with opportunities for advancement to upper level management positions. It is a stepping stone into wide varieties of jobs in a variety of industries and locations such as lodging accommodation, (Room Division); food and beverage service; bar; café; (Service) spa; gymnasium; and even cruise line

In this certificate course, you will learn the efficient operations to hotel cleaning and housekeeping management. The program includes: room preparation and cleaning, the bed-making process, bathroom cleaning, cart preparation, stocking of linen, minibar cleaning, cleaning of other hotel areas, essential customer service skills, among other topics. This is a complete professional course to train your staff, as well as for individuals who work or plan to work at the Housekeeping Department in the hospitality industry.

This ExpertEduc Certificate is respected and recognized in today’s job market.

Upon completion of the online course, the learner will be submitted for a Final Exam. If approved, with an average of 70% or more, the learner can print the Certificate on the ExpertEduc site.

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 How to complete the CHHP Exam ?

  • Step 1 Registration. First, purchase your program with mobile money technologies or any popular credit card like visa, mastercard…through Paypal. But if you prefer any other international or local payment méthod, just email us at certification@experteduc.org and our team will gladly assist you.
  • Step 2 Study. You may study independently as all the materials are available online for you to study. Alternatively, our accredited training partners are available to see you through the certification process.
  • Step 3 Exam. Once your preparation is complete, You will take online the computer-based MCQ exam. The exam is available on demand throughout the year.

What is the exam like?

The exam is based upon the courseware that is provided along with the certification. If you have gone through the courseware properly you should not have a problem clearing the exam.

24 x 7 access to the ExpertEduc Online CTMS Course.

·What Is the Exam Format & Length?

    • Format: Multiple choice
    • Questions: 60
    • Language: English/French
    • Pass Score: 65%
    • Duration: 75 minutes maximum
    • Open book: No
    • Delivery: This examination is available Online
    • Recertification after 3 years

How to get a CHHP Certification

The easiest and fastest way to get a CHHP certification to enhance your career as a Housekeeping Professional

5 simple steps to get and maintain a CHHP Certification

Purchase an All Access Pass
Our All Access Pass provides access to the online exam and everything you need to prepare for the exam.
Prepare for the CHHP Certification exam
You can prepare for the exam via self-study or by attending an in person training course delivered by one of our authorized partners. We have a number of options available to fit every need.
Take the exam … and pass it!
Access the online exam anywhere and anytime. You are able to retake the exam as many times as you need to pass it. The exam is “close book” which means that you are not allowed to use Google and other resources while taking the exam.
Maintain your certification
After 3 years, maintain the status of your certification by remaining a member of ExpertEduc and / or by proving that you have continued professional development in the field.

Here’s what the USD 249 includes
• Access to premium online resources
• All preparation materials you need to get CHHP certified
• An online CHHP certification exam
• A digital premium CHHP online certificate

Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 10 weeks



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249 $


  • 46 hours on-demand video
  • 16 Articles
  • 39 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion

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